Imperial Scientific specialises in offering comprehensive and intelligence solutions for printed electronic R&D and industry. We are a leading supplier focused on providing our clients with cutting-edge printed electronic fabrication technologies.
With technology-driven demands for flexible and stretchable electronics, the conventional electronic fabrication technologies may have encountered a bottleneck. We hereby bring our customers differentiated products for printed electronics, including high precision dispensing, inkjet printing, EHD printing, flexo printing, slot die coating, ultrasonic spray, et al. In addition to the fabrication technologies, a wide range of pre-processing and post-processing technologies and materials, such as surface activation, NIR curing, UV curing, photonic sintering, conductive ink and flexible substrate, is offered to achieve an optimal printing result. 
We are not only an equipment seller, but also a researcher and developer. A group of outstanding and talented scientists and engineers from well-known universities, such as Cambridge University, Imperial College London and Tsinghua University, are working together to develop our first table microelectronic printer. This printer has already brought us some amazing results and is ready to give us a shock.
We’ve always believed our quality and intelligence solutions would contribute to the innovation and revolution in the field of printed electronic.

Materials supply
We are collaborating with various excellent chemical and substrate suppliers to provide a wide range of functional inks and flexible substrates. Now we offer a vast variety of materials for electronic fabrication, including silver ink and paste (NP- based and NW-based), carbon based ink and dielectric ink. Our flexible substrates mainly includes PET, PDMS, PI, PEN, ITO-PEN, et al.

The surface properties and cleanliness of the substrate significantly affect the final printing results, like ink adhesion. We provide our customers with technologies of surface cleaning and activation to optimise the final performance.

Customers can find all possible fabrication technologies from us, which covers high precision dispensing, piezo-inkjet printing, thermo-inkjet printing, EHD printing, slot die coating, blade coating, ultrasonic spray, screen printing, flexo printing, et al.

The suitable curing/sintering process is a key factor which determines whether the final product can reach expected performance. We provide our customers with traditional treatment and state-of-the-art technologies, including heat plate, UV, NIR curing and photonic sintering.